·About the Show·

Wonderful Winter Spectacular

This production is meticulously designed specifically for the LARGEST circus Big Top in the UK.

‘MIRACLES’ is the perfect production to entertain families at this magical time of year, offering breath-taking performances brought to you by a wide-range of world-famous performers.

Award-winning Clowns the Chervotkins Duo, will guide the audience through this show of “Miracles”, acts like the Didyk Troupe, performing acrobatics on Europe’s only double Russian swings. Watch them fly through the air and somersault from one fast moving swing to another. Incredible!

The Aerial Ring Duo Shabala, suspended from the roof of the Bigtop watch in awe as this aerial acrobatic duo are sure to astound and delight you as they deliver a breathtaking display demonstrating their impressive strength, grace and flexibility. This talented duo perform their aerial hoop with true grace and beauty putting on a fantastic display of expert choreography blending acrobatics and dance for a stunning visual spectacle.

World class hand balancer and contortionist Anastasia Trushina has performed in the most exclusive circus shows in Moscow, our hand balancer has perfected her talents to create a showcase that is mesmerizing to witness. This out of this world contortionist is the ultimate performer as she fuses daring stunts with her incredible ability to bend in every direction together to create a routine so jaw-droppingly brilliant you cannot believe what you are watching!

The show also has unicyclists, high wire artists and of course the unforgettable festive bellboys with an amazing coordinated routine performing an incredible skipping act with a TWIST not to be missed!

Together with aerial displays of grace and beauty from Anna Rastsova on the aerial trapeze and the unforgettable aerial duo of Light for Life, showcasing their aerial led winter spectacle, there are so many highlights of the festive show ‘Miracles’ that will be talk about for years to come!

The Production and logistic departments have been busy planning the UK’s Largest Circus Big Top set up for over 2 years.

All housed in our state of the art theatre style luxury big top.